"Born on a farm...

Raised in a glass!"

Minnie's love of all animals cannot be denied but all who know her know her obvious true love is kitties! 

It all started with a little black ball of fur with a runny nose who she appropriately named "Kitty Booger!"  That's all she wrote!  It is said that "Kitty Boogs" got the word out to all nearby kitties 'within purring range' that "this is the place to be so get your a***es over here!"

And so the story began...

Over the years many have come and gone ~ and many continue to call Spragues their forever home.  Current number is 15!  From "Kevin Kitty," the Mayor of Spragueville and official "Greeter" to the true "Scaredy Cat" aptly named "Puss Puss" (who has made remarkable progress in trusting strangers) the number of kitties is ever-changing. 

The story's are endless.  Some entertaining and some sad ~ but all with a happy ending..... becoming a Spragular Kittie!

The Summer of 2017 brought two new members to Sprague Farm: Charo Chicky & Razz Ma Tazz.  Chickens that think they own the place and love to drink beer!  It's true!

And most recently the Spring of 2018 brought in a sweet old Lab appropriately named Buddy Brewster. 

All who become members of the Sprague family are given their names (first & last), and immediately taken to Dr. Mark Wilde for their physical, shots, and surgery (if necessary).

Myth has it that every time a kittie  "earns their wings" another appears in  the most unique of ways.  Like King Hissafiss just appearing from a swamp, Crazy Cate being pulled from a wall & the tragic arrival but amazing outcome of Tom Terrific. 

They all have their own unique personalities and have become an important and popular part of Sprague's.

Dear Chatty Cathy...

Sprague's will not be the same without your sweet face & "chattiness." 

You will be missed.

We are proud to be part of the "Cats On Tap" Community dedicated to the visual adoration of cats with craft beers.  

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