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This space is perfect for seating small groups of 25 or less.  Like our Piano Room there is leeway for more if seating isn't desired for all guests.  Many enjoy these areas for "socializing functions" to gather, stand around and well....socialize!


The Hayloft does not have a bar.  However, many options are available from a combination of renting the Piano Room as well, to hiring a staff member for personal service.  Guests are also welcome to stroll back & forth to Bierhalla, enjoy the entertainment, atmosphere and service themselves! 


Consider merging both spaces and "meander" back and forth taking advantage of your own "personal bar."

Please contact us for more detailed information - 

(814) 398-2885 or

The perfect setting for that

special occasion accomodating

smaller, private groups!

Venango's one & only Farm Brewery!

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