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Changes are coming...

Greetings to all and welcome back.  Thanks for your loyalty, patience and patronage.


Last year, it almost goes without saying, was horrific for the hospitality business.


We all know what went down and the consequences of our leaders decisions.


The situation created high anxiety for those attempting to operate a business such as ours.


The fun started to run out, especially, when some made our hospitality business part of their hostility business!


All in all it has been a struggle.


I am sure you will understand that this was an extremely difficult decision to make.


We are planning on staying open for the next year but, it will be on a limited basis.  This will probably be our swan song year!  Great people from all walks of life have stepped out at the pinnacle of their careers, we hope we are doing the same. 

Hell,  Led Zeppelin even came up with a record label called swan song to make their intentions known.  To commemorate our pending closing we are doing something special just as the Zeppelin boys did.  We will be having featured events each month and, of course, beer.


That all may seem sad but, lets reflect on what we have accomplished.


1.  15 years operating and, still counting as a brewery.

2.  12 years, and still, counting for our pub.

3.  Set many trends and cleared the way for many other local breweries.

4.  First local brewery in a barn.

5.  Great entertainment from the local area and around the country.

6.  Growing our own beer ingredients and actually making good beer with same.

7.  We created our own Pseudo holiday “man up day”  We have other unique events like the hillbilly disco beer crawl, the trail of beers, the Magic hat          scramble, The Crawford county music fest, Gears to Beers, Earth bike tour, cross country ski and snowshoe, the Beer Run, etc.

8.  We have hosted and raised money for Various charitable organizations such as the YMCA, The Anna Shelter, Women’s Services, The local food bank, etc.


All said and done we love what we created and most of the people we have met !

The last year has definitely diminished the fun and both Minnie and I are getting older, so it is probably a good time to move on.

Please know we are not quitting but, re-inventing ourselves and our place.  You will see some obvious changes when you return.  Foremost you will notice the old produce stand as you enter the driveway.  It will be re-opened as a produce stand that we are lovingly calling the “Tater Shack”.  There will be much more than just Taters.  There will be unique art, hand made products and, of course Taters (and additional locally grown produce).  Literally a place to feed the body and the soul!    We will still be here with beer, no doubt, and BS.  Don’t forget about us and please stop by sometime to chat.

Lets think of it this way “We are on our farewell tour”but in the immortal words of Jim Stafford:  ” We are going to take a trip but never leave the farm.”


A huge and heartfelt "Thanks!" to all who've been a part of the Sprague Farm story!

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Brian & Minnie



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